CBKZ-SLNW1 Network licenca nadgradnja za PXW-Z190

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CBKZ-SLNW1 Network licenca nadgradnja za PXW-Z190.... Celoten opis

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CBKZ-SLNW1 Network licenca nadgradnja za PXW-Z190

Network Workflow flexibility

The PXW-Z190 4K Handheld Camcorder is easily upgraded to offer advanced network capabilities with the permanent CBKZ-SLNW1 upgrade license. Once this software license is installed, the Z190 is capable of live streaming and file transfer using a wired or wireless LAN or LTE modem connection, enabling immediate editing and live monitoring. Advanced Content Browser Mobile™ features, including trimming proxy and high resolutions clips prior to sharing, are also enabled.

- XDCAM air secure wireless workflow*
- High quality H.264/HEVC QoS Streaming to Sony’s Network RX station **
- Stable and High Quality Dual Link QoS streaming using two mobile networks via USB modems
- Network Intercom**: connect a third-party headset using USB port to enable communication between the camera operator and receiver
- MPEG TS UDP streaming to compatible third-party and Sony wireless receivers
- FTP Transfer of proxy and high resolution clips to remote servers
- Wired LAN streaming and file transfer
- Additional Content Browser Mobile™ functions including: adding Shot mark to Clips, Renaming Proxy Clips, downloading Proxy Clips to mobile devices and Proxy Edit by Story Board
- Trimming proxy and high resolution clip prior to sharing

* Please contact your local Sony specialist for XDCAM air availability in your region.

** Requires optional PWS-110RX1A receiver with appropriate license or XDCAM air contract.

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